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Here's our list of Cake Flavours


  • Traditional Fruitcake

    Glossy fruitcake loaded with quality fruit, candy peel, almonds, spices, with a modern twist of dried sweetened pineapple and apricots – deliciously soaked in brandy. Covered with my homemade almond paste and iced.


  • Classic Chocolate Biscuit Cake

    High quality dark and Belgium milk chocolate using real butter, golden syrup and mixed biscuits.


  • Victoria Sponge

    A moist sponge with madagascar vanilla essence, layered with beautiful light vanilla buttercream with raspberry or strawberry reserve.


  • Lemon Cake

    A light moist sponge made with lemon zest and juice and filled with a zesty lemon rich buttercream.


  • Carrot Cake

    A rich and moist cake using spices and walnuts with a rich cream filling.


  • Chocolate Cake

    Delicious moist chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream.


  • Coffee Cake

    A light coffee infused sponge layered with chopped walnuts and delicious coffee buttercream.


  • Red Velvet

    Indulgent red sponge, yet surprisingly light filled with madagascar vanilla buttercream.


  • Raspberry and almond 
    A luscious almond sponge with ground almonds and raspberries add, layered with light creamy vanilla buttercream.


  • Salted Carmel
    Light vanilla sponge layered with rich salted caramel and creamy caramel buttercream.


  • Coconut and Lime
    Moist sponge with coconut, tangy lime zest and juice added layered with creamy coconut buttercream.


  • Filling options:

    • White chocolate ganache

    • Belgium milk chocolate ganache

    • Swiss meringue buttercream it's whiter and lighter than ordinary buttercream.

    • Buttercream (flavours: Raspberry, Strawberry, Caramel, Vanilla, Coffee, Coconut, Lemon, Lime and Chocolate).


If your favourite flavour is not listed above, please let us know.



Artisan Wedding Cake Designer

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